It’s not every day that a really high quality piece of Magic art hits the open market. 

Sure, every once in a while something noteworthy will show up on the MTG Art Exchange facebook group, but most of the really good stuff, that’s exchanged behind closed doors, secret handshakes and everything.  Even more rare is when an artist is willing to let go of one of their favorite pieces.  The life of a freelance illustrator is a busy one, but even so most artists will hold a few pieces back for their personal collection.

Today, one of those significant, artist favorite pieces just hit the market.

Liz Danforth

Hymn to Tourach by Liz Danforth

Due to a series of unfortunate events, Liz has finally decided to let go of her favorite Magic piece, one that she has been keeping for herself for all these years.  We at OMA are saddened that circumstances have led to this, but hopeful that the sale will address her current problems.  Thanks go out to Scott Mosser for helping Liz with the listing of the auction.

To give additional information about the piece and share a bit of its history, Liz took the time to make a blog post about what all went into its creation.  Sponges? Boyfriends in dresses?  Who knew!  Even if you’re out of the market for the painting, definitely check out the article, it’s a great read.

The auction currently sits just below the reserve at the time I’m writing this, but I expect to see significant upside from here.

Where do you think the auction will end up? 

Let’s make it interesting and put something on the line. 

I’ve got a signed artist proof for the person that guesses closest to the closing price of the auction in the comments below, on Reddit or Twitter.  That’s right, free artist proof and all you have to do is guess a number.  Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

My guess: $10,152

What’s yours?