With the announcement of Eternal Masters, the news of the Force of Will reprint with a new illustration by Terese Nielsen has resounded across the world. 

After sharing the story behind its creation, Terese has decided to offer the original sketch and painting on eBay.

You can find the auction for original sketch here.  The auction for the painting will begin on March 4th.

To get a few more eyes on the auction and help build the hype machine, Terese has agreed to run a Guessing Game on OMA.

FOW Guessing Game

The Rules

  • This Guessing Game starts as soon as this article goes live (12:00 PM EST, Monday, February 29) and runs until Midnight of Friday, March 4.  This will ensure that all guesses are made before the final results of the auctions are known.
  • Guesses must include the following information:
    • Full Name
    • Email Address
    • Your Guess
    • Indicate whether you collect Magic art (for statistical purposes)
    • Indicate whether you want to sign up for the OMA Newsletter (not required, but appreciated)
  • All Guesses must be in a pure number format.  No commas, dollar signs or decimals allowed.
    • Input just the number (ie 15000, etc.); anything else will be rejected.
  • Price is Right rules for Guesses: Closest to the total without going over.
  • Guesses have been hidden to make it more fair for earlier guessers.  Guess with confidence.
  • For this Guessing Game, you are guessing the final total for both auctions (sketch & painting).
  • 1 Guess per Person.  Duplicate entries will be removed.  Follow Wheaton’s Law.
  • Guesses are in US Dollars unless otherwise specified.

The Prizes

Terese has been kind enough to offer a limited edition 17″x22″ signed print of Force of Will to the winner of this Guessing Game.

In addition, anyone able to guess the exact closing amount of the auction will receive an Artist Proof from the OMA private collection.  I’ve been able to avoid giving away any of my proofs for all of the Guessing Games so far, will you be able to break the streak?

The rules are set and the prize, as always, is awesome.  

Let the Guessing Game begin!


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Here is a list of who has submitted guesses so far.  Get your guesses in before the deadline!