Tracking down Magic art can be quite an adventure.  Every time you think you have a good grasp on all the likely spots to find them, you will find pieces pop up in the oddest places.  Continuing from the first article in this series, I want to show you some of the other locations that you might want to check out when searching for art.

Original Comic Art

Comics have been around quite a bit longer than Magic and just like the cards, there are original works for each page.  Many collectors and retailers that deal in Original Comic art occasionally dip their toes into Magic art as well.  Here are some of the more prominent sites for Comic art:




This site allows users to post their collections for display as well as for sale.  The posting process is quite in depth so you have some great info attached to each piece.  There are already several Magic art collectors that have their collections posted there, along with a limited amount of Magic art available for purchase. 

If you have ever wanted to collected the comic art from the Magic comics, this is a great resource to see what is already accounted for.  There is also Comic Art Shop where the art for sale here is consolidated in one location.

Anthony's Comic Book Art




Anthony Snyder is one of the largest Comic Art dealers.  If you watch Kevin Smith’s show on AMC, Comic Book Men, you will see him featured there as the go to resource for valuing art, sketches and other such unique items. 

I actually ran into Anthony at Baltimore Comic Con two years ago and he had a few pieces of Magic art (Innocent Blood and I forget what else) but did not know their significance.  Instead of snap buying them like a good capitalist, I let him know what they were and they were repriced accordingly.  Oh well.  On his site, you can search for Magic the Gathering to see the 1 painting and additional comic book pages that he currently has on offer.

 Tri-State Original Art





Tri-State is a new one to me, but it does have Dave Dorman’s Snapping Drake available for sale. 

You can never tell what might pop up on these sites as many collectors of art will go any piece that appeals to them and have been doing so for years.  The collection of Comic art has been going on for quite some time now and it is likely that many of the early purchases of Magic art were done by these same collectors.  Most of these comic art dealers buy up whole collections and a random piece or two of Magic art might be included in a package deal and show up on their site.  That makes it a bit unpredictable whether a given site will ever have Magic art available, but it often pays to be thorough.

Here are links to some of the other Comic art dealers out there (if you know of another good source, let me know in the comments):

Splashpage Comic ArtCadence Comic ArtAlbert Moy Comic Art





Sketch Maven

ComicArtCollectiveEssential Sequential






Auction Sites (other than eBay)

 eBay is definitely the place where most people go looking for Magic art, in addition to basically every other collectible.  While this resource should definitely be in your arsenal, you might want to check out this other auction site when looking for a new piece:

Heritage Auctions




Heritage Auctions is more targeted to collectibles than eBay, though it tends to list only higher end items.  If I were to try and sell a piece of Magic art on an auction site, it would still likely be through eBay, as Heritage does not have the level of exposure in the Magic collecting community.  That may change as the idea of collecting Magic cards and art gains further traction in the broader culture, but for now Heritage is a bit of a fringe destination.

That being said, you should still be looking here every so often for art.  Looking at the auction history, we can see that some great pieces have been sold through this site, sometimes at very reasonable prices.  Prophetic Bolt by Dave Dorman for less than $200?  Yes, please.  Sure, it was 6 years ago, which gives you an idea of how often art is for sale on the site, but art is still being offered here (check out the current art for sale). 

Magic Art Communities

Online stores and auction sites can be a great source of Magic art, but the best route to discovering the location of the piece you are looking for is to engage and build relationships with the various members of the online art community.  This site is my first effort to build a rallying point for those Vorthos inspired Magic art fans, but there are many other locations to meet and talk with fellow aficionados.

Other than OMA, here are some of those other destinations that you should check out:




Originally created as a Vintage site after the fall of Beyond Dominaria, The Mana Drain, or TMD for short, has become the largest community of those interested in Magic art.  The Art and Collectibles section is only visible to registered members, but trust me, it’s the go to place for those interested in collecting art and worth joining.  After lurking there for years, I got back into collecting art and built OMA due to the community there.  If you aren’t already a member, you should definitely look into registering there.

Many of the collectors that have galleries displayed on this site are also active members of TMD and post there daily.

Magic Librarities







Besides being one of the best resources for those interested in the Promos, Rarities and Oddities of Magic, the forum on Magic Librarities represents a community of the some of the most committed collectors in the game.  For years it was difficult to get an account approved to post here but the membership freeze has recently begun to thaw and new members are trickling in.  The art community here is a bit small, but for discussing rarities there is no better forum out there. 






Of all the Magic forums I frequent, this is the most active.  Most likely if you are reading this article, you are already well aware of MTGSalvation.  Their Rumor Mill is one of the most consistently ahead of the curve sources for Magic rumors and news outside of the Wizards offices.  Before Magic Art was discussed on TMD, the Art section on the Salvation forums was my go to place for art discussion.  It has since fallen a bit by the way side, but there is more than enough other content on the site to justify making it a frequent destination for any Magic fan.

Magic the Gathering Forum





The official Wizards of the Coast forums have been around long enough to have a good smattering of artists and art fans that check in every once in a while.  You will occasionally see art on offer on the site (Gaea’s Cradle surfaced and moved just a few months ago) but that is a rare occurrence.  This forum is sometimes deserted, but you will sometimes be surprised what is revealed due to the varied membership and wide exposure.

Whether you are interested in collecting Magic art, or just want to express your appreciation to like minded individuals, these sites should provide you with additional resources and contacts.  If nothing else, join the community of art fans and learn more about the history of the game and the different aspects that people enjoy, you may be surprised where that takes you.