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When you create a gallery for the Marketplace, you should use “Username Marketplace Gallery” for the Gallery name. By naming your gallery in this way, the admins will identify your desired location and add your gallery to the site in the correct location.

The current Gallery selection was determined by community demand and we are always open to adding new sections. If there is something that you want to display that does not fit in the current selection of Galleries, please let us know.

If you want to share your art and remain anonymous, we are more than happy to help you. Just contact us and we will work with you to get your art on the site.

If you are unable to leave a comment, please contact us for Technical Support.

While we understand that the requirement for individual galleries based on type of collection is more time consuming for our members, we believe that it provides a unique user experience that a single gallery per member would not be able to match.

Each Gallery is added to the site after admin approval. This will create a lag time between when you post your gallery and when it shows on the site. If it has been more than 48 hours since your gallery was created and it is still not showing on the site, contact us.

Before we can upload images to the site, it is imperative that we clear out any personal information that is contained in the image files. With the advent of Camera Phones and Digital Cameras, it is normal to see image files with GPS and Camera details embedded in the file.

There are numerous tools to remove this data (known as EXIF data) from your images. For Windows users there is Easy Exif Delete (free on and there is SmallImage for Mac (free here) for Macs.

Imgur is an online photo uploading site that automatically strips out the EXIF data during the upload process. If you upload your pictures to the site, you can then save them on your computer. These files will have all GPS data removed from them.

OMA can currently handle any size image but will resize anything wider than 1200 pix wide.

You can manage your gallery through the Manage Gallery tab in the User home screen once you log in.

Currently you will see all of the galleries listed on the site and will have to locate yours for editing. This is a known issue and something we are working with our developers to get fixed. We know it is an inconvenience and are doing everything we can to get it adjusted. The best work around is to remember what page of the galleries your gallery is listed and go there in the future when you need to make changes.

Steps to post your own gallery can be found here.

We currently do not assist others in the search for specific pieces of art. While we’ve been fortunate to have a great number of collectors post their art on OMA, there are still thousands of paintings unaccounted for.

If you would like to write an article about how a specific piece of art has impacted you and why you are searching for it, we would be very interested to hear about it through our contact page.

The market for Magic art is continually changing and that question will always be relative in nature. We do discuss the art market in our continuing Got Magic Art? series of articles and the posts there should give you a good foundation from which to work.

We actually have a continuing series of articles for those interested in collecting Magic art called Got Magic Art?. The stories, lessons and analysis therein should give you a good starting point for your search.

Also, make sure to check out the Marketplace Gallery for the originals that have been listed for sale there. We have over 30 Magic artists and several other collectors that have listed their available art for sale.

Please send all inquires regarding advertisements and partnership via the contact page.

Please direct all technical problems you experience to the contact page.

On the login page there is an option to reset your password. If your account has been blocked due to excessive login attempts, please use the contact page.

Spam and computer generated accounts are rampant and strict controls are necessary to limit the influx of robot invaders. If you are experiencing problems logging or believe yourself to have been unfairly blocked, please reach out to us on the contact page.

Ja, das wissen wir. Hoffentlich ist es nicht zu verwirrend für unsere deutschen Mitglieder. Hier ist etwas, um es einfacher zu differenzieren: Wenn jemand OMA erwähnt und wie groß ist die Kunst, es ist wahrscheinlich auf dieser Website. Wenn jemand OMA erwähnt und wie sie gerade Hüftoperation, wahrscheinlich ihre Großmutter.

OMA is simply an acronym for Original Magic Art and a bit easier to work with. It’s typically pronounced “Oh-mah” but others have spelled it out as “O-M-A”. Either way works for us.

Original Magic Art provides a home for the community of Magic players and art collectors to share their passion for the game and the illustrations that bring it to life. From artist interviews to collections of original Magic paintings, we strive to provide new and engaging content for everyone interested in the art of Magic the Gathering.