Today, Wayne Reynolds shared the story behind his Epic Confrontation and a link to the auction for the painting.

MTG_Epic Confrontation Short

To celebrate the auction and add a bit of excitement, Wayne agreed to put up some prizes for the winner of this Guessing Game.

The Rules

  • The Guessing Game starts as soon as this article goes live (12:01 AM EST, Thu. April 9) and runs until Midnight of Mon, April 13.  This will ensure that all guesses are made before the final result of the auction is known.
  • Guesses must include the following information:
    • Full Name
    • Email Address
    • Indicate whether you collect Magic art (for statistical purposes)
    • Your Guess
  • All Guesses must be in a pure number format.  No commas, dollar signs or decimals allowed.
    • Input just the number (ie 15000, etc.); anything else will be rejected.
  • Price is Right rules for Guesses: Closest to the total without going over.
  • 1 Guess per Person.  Duplicate entries will be removed.  Follow Wheaton’s Law.

The Prizes

Wayne has been kind enough to create a sweet prize package for this Guessing Game.  The person that comes closest to the final bid without going over will receive the a signed proof and print of Epic Confrontation.

MTG_Epic Confrontation

In addition, anyone able to guess the exact closing amount of the auction will receive an Artist Proof from the OMA private collection.

The rules are set and the prizes are awesome.  

Let the Guessing Game begin!


Here are the guess we have received so far.  Get your guesses in before the deadline!