What is Art League?

Art League is a new “format” for playing Magic the Gathering where the cards available to build your deck are determined by your collection of Original Art from Magic the Gathering.

Art League decks consist of at least 60 cards and follow the Vintage Restricted List and the general rule of only 4 of any given card allowed in the deck.  That means that even if you own the original art to Black Lotus, your art league deck would only be allowed to contain one of the card and even if you owned all of the arts for Counterspell, you would still only be able to sleeve up 4 of the cards in total.

What qualifies as “Original Art”?

Only the following qualify as “Original Art” for the purposes of the league:

  • Original Paintings
  • Original Sketches of Digital Art
  • Pencil Studies/Undersketches used for Original Paintings

Currently that would exclude all Prints, Artist Proofs, Altered Cards and Reproductions from being considered when determining cards available for deck construction.

What about basic lands?

Since requiring art for basic lands would restrict many collectors from being able to participate, the lands from the following confirmed digital artists will be available for Art League deck construction:

  • Veronique Meignaud
  • Craig Mullins
  • Jung Park
  • Richard Wright

That allows a wide variety of different basic lands to be used by anyone that wants to participate in the Art League while not infringing on anyone’s collection.

Is this really going to be a thing?

Collecting original art is a reward unto itself, but it is always great to be able to play with the art you own.  While this format will likely never gain wide acceptance due to the intense restrictions, we do hope that the opportunity to play with your art will enhance the experience of owning these pieces of Magic history.

The first annual Original Art League Tournament was held at GenCon 2013 in Indianapolis, IN.  Plans are underway to continue the tradition into 2015.

To participate in an Art League Tournament, you must have your art displayed on this site as a Gallery on the Original Art Gallery page.