For over 20 years, Magic has used art as an identifier for cards and their effects.  Many players can easily recite the name, rarity and casting cost of a card simply by being shown the art, it is simply an integral part of the game that so many enjoy.

This site is dedicated to the art of Magic the Gathering, the game itself and fans of both.  Whether it be collecting original paintings, tracking down rarities or simply playing at your local FNM, this site will provide the relevant resources to aid you in your quest to expand your collection, improve your play and keep abreast of Magic news.

Register, comment and share.  Become a part of the vast Magic community, one of which I am proud to be a member. By becoming a member of this site you will be able to interact with those that share your interests and serve to expand the magic playing community in the process.

We at OMA wish every member of the Magic community luck in all of their endeavors and hope that this site will serve to enhance their enjoyment of an already great game.